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Yomi Pre-Workout

Yomi Pre-Workout

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This pre workout was designed to be a moderate stim so you can feel safe and clean taking it every single day. Because we know you love pump, we added clinical doses of trademarked ingredients S7 and Nitrosigine. We complimented this with epicatechin to round out our blood flow ingredients. We prioritized performance by adding ingredients such as beta alanine, L-ornithine, betaine and trademarked ElevATP. We recommend taking it with 12-16 oz of water 20-30 minutes pre workout for the best results. 

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Customer Reviews

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Best Pre On the Market

I wasn't taking pre-workout at the time YOMI was released. I never thought of pre-workout as anything other than caffeine to get me through the workouts. When I got introduced to YOMI this completely changed my view of what pre-workout is and what it can do. It only enhances my workouts during my workout and post workout, in the short and long run. The taste gives me a kick. My favorite ingredient is the nitrosigine which has given me some of the craziest pumps of my life. I highly recommend taking YOMI if you are looking for something different and thinking of pre-workout as a daily driver as opposed to a simple energy boost.

Lucas Joniaux
Amazing stuff

I have about three years of lifting experience and this is the best preworkout I’ve had. Both performance and flavor are on another level. This preworkout not only makes you feel great during your workouts, but it also makes you feel great after them. I’ve never had a preworkout that has aided so much in recovery. Seriously great stuff!

Yomi pre-workout

Definitely the best pre-workout I’ve tried! Wasn’t too sure about it before because I am not much of a pre-workout drinker, but after taking it, it not only tasted good, it was very effective too. This is a great addition to my workout. My workout after trying it for the first time was the best one in a while. I recommend for anyone who likes pre-workout or anyone who wants a good pump in their workout. Can’t wait for more flavors to drop!

Noah Mitchell
El fuego del diablo en forma líquida

El mejor producto pre-workout disponible en todo el mundo. Me hace sentir que tengo el poder de los dioses y la furia de los demonios. Los pumps son más grande que los elefantes también.

Best Pre on the Market!

CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! That is all I have to say. This pre-workout really works, and I am serious when I say it is the best on the market right now. Pump, focus, strength, recovery, and energy are all insane. I have never had anything better than this. I will be a customer for life!