Why was Yomi founded?

Yomi was formed with a childish-like ambitious dream. We saw a growing industry in sports nutrition and fell in love. We were intrigued by the constant question, what makes a supplement the best? Why is it that there is no one consensus best pre workout? Best protein powder? Depending on who you ask, it could be the price, it could be the flavor, it could be the feel. Point being, innovation and creativity is a real possibility in this industry and we have ideas that we believe can push this industry forward. 

Yomi was created in a basement in front of one computer. Our goal was to do something extremely special with our branding. The idea is to do a manga style approach and tie in another community we know and love. Anime. The team at Yomi loves our anime. Our lifting belts, knee sleeves and pump covers are all anime, but we were missing the supplements. Solution? Yomi. 

What does Yomi mean?

Yomi is short for Yomi-no-kuni which is the name of the land of the dead in Shinto religion. Yomi embraces the saying of fighting your demons in the gym. Our labels represent different Japanese mythological beings each with their own engaging stories to go with them. Our goal with our branding was to find a name that was short and catchy and very obviously Japanese. 

What is the overall goal of Yomi?

Our goal is to provide the sports nutrition market with something different. Our branding is only one part of that puzzle. We saw an industry that became fascinated with how much stim it could put in a pre workout or how much pump it could squeeze into one container or what brands a company could collab with to give a new flavor. While that’s all fascinating and something we love to see, we believe that gets away from the real reason supplements are taken in the first place. To improve health and performance. With that being said, our goal is to create the best formulas that maximize performance and effectiveness. We will always put forth the best formulas that focus on giving you the benefits that will keep you feeling great and staying in the gym. We know that our community trains with intent and is working their hardest to become the best versions of themselves and we will continue to provide the best quality products that will allow them to live by our motto. Sleep when you die.